Posture of the month: Hanumanasana


In the ancient Indian tale called Ramayana, Hanuman, the king of the monkeys, is Rama's loyal friend and servant. When helping Rama to rescue his beloved Sita from the hands of an evil king, Hanuman took a giant leap across the ocean, all the way from India to the kingdom of Lanka (today's Sri Lanka).

Hanumanasana, commonly known as 'the splits', commemorates this leap.


It’s great to strengthen the hips, hamstrings and thigh muscles. It stimulates the digestive and reproductive systems, and strengthens the back muscles. Working on Hanumanasana will increase your hips flexibility and help to release tension and stress.

So come daily or as often as you can for the month of March to practice Hanumanasana in every class! See what giant leaps you will make in life as you are mastering this posture!!

When: All March 2019