Arrive at least 10 minutes before the class starts 
Allow additional time if it is your first class


Turn off all electronic devices
This means anything that rings, dings or buzzes


Do not wear perfume to class
We maintain a neutral scent or diffuse light essential oils 


Advise instructor of any injuries or health issues
We can suggest alternatives moves for you if required


Avoid eating 1 hour before class
A heavy meal can make you feel uncomfortable


Don't place your mat directly in front of someone
Ensure everyone can see the instructor



+ What should I expect from my first yoga class?

Flex yoga classes are invigorating and physically challenging, but presented in a way that caters to guests of all ages and skill level. Our teachers are trained to challenge you just enough to keep you on your toes, wherever you are at in your practice. Come along 20 minutes early so you can sign in and fill in a new members form. You can bring your own mat, towel and water bottle, or borrow those items here ($2.50 each) and buy a drink at reception. If you have any questions, come in early or stick around after class – our teachers are happy to have a chat and answer them. Otherwise, you can contact us via

+ Do I need to register before attending a class?

Yes please. If you are already a member, please sign in upon arrival so we can keep track of your attendance and recommend a better plan for you down the track. If you are a new guest, please arrive 20mins early to fill in a new members form.

+ What should I wear to class?

Make sure you wear comfortable clothes – ideally active wear that allows you to move and flow freely. Remember that our studio is heated to 32 degrees, so don’t come in with too many layers. (We have space to leave extra layers though, in our entry area.)

+ Do I need to have my own yoga mat?

You can bring your own mat and towel if you like, or borrow a mat and/or towel for $2.50/each per class. Whatever suits you best.

+ Should I eat before coming to class?

We recommend you don’t eat for at least 1hr before class. Engaging in a strong yoga class on a full stomach is quite a challenge for your system. So better only have a light snack before, and then have a bigger meal afterwards.

+ Can I do yoga if I am pregnant?

Attendance while pregnant is conditional on you accepting full liability for the safety of yourself and baby. (By attending Flex Hot Yoga classes when you are pregnant, you are agreeing to waive all liability towards us.)

Your first trimester is the most sensitive. Throughout pregnancy, ensure you avoid belly down postures, twists and most inversions. Listen to your body and keep your baby safe.

During your pregnancy, your body is releasing the hormone relaxin in preparation for birth. So you will find yourself more flexible than usually. Be careful to stretch maximum 80% of your limit!

Over-stretching, even though it may feel good in the moment, can lead to ligament strain, weakening of your core, amongst other complications to yourself and baby.

Lastly, please make sure to inform your yoga instructor that you are pregnant before the class begins.

+ How is yoga different from other kinds of fitness?

Yoga isn’t just another fitness regime. It is a holistic way of life that changes you on many more levels than just giving you stronger abs and a sexy tone. Yoga means to ‘link / connect / unite’ with your higher Self and is a practice that involves physical asana (the postures) as well as pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and a whole lot more. The practices, in their essence, are thousands of years old. They have been studied through the ages, and contribute to the health and wellbeing of body, mind and soul. Come along and try it out – it’s not something that can be put in words, but once you experience it, it’ll become clear.