Posture of the month: Chaturanga Dandasana


Also known as four-limbed staff pose, low plank is a foundational posture that helps you find and strengthen your centre.

The name originates from Sanskrit: chatur (four), anga (limb), danda (staff, which refers to the spine as the central support of the body) and asana (posture).

When done right, it engages the muscles in your wrists, arms, abs, and lower back, so they all get a workout and gain strength - a vital preparation for more advanced arm balances.

Chaturanga Dandasana shows up in almost every yoga class, as it is a standard element in Sun Salutations and many other flows. That makes it all the more important to do it properly, as there are some health risks for your shoulder ligaments if you are misaligned. Watch Cameron's video below, where he shares a bunch of valuable tips on how to do it just right ...

Join us in April to practice and perfect Chaturanga Dandasana in every class! See what happens when you find and strengthen your core - in yoga as well as in life!