Mantra Schultz

Creator of Flex Hot Yoga & Course Director

Mantra began his yoga practice over 20 years ago on a journey through yoga temples, Indian ashrams and various parts of the globe to learn the art and science of yoga.

In 2011 he founded Flex Hot Yoga to change lives and create a central hub in Brisbane for a community of yoga teachers and students to grow together. His style as a teacher is fun and knowledgable, with a large dose of strength and challenge! Mantra created Flex’ annual yoga teacher training program starting in 2013.


Cameron Brown

Senior Yoga Instructor & Studio Manager

Cameron is an ERYT-500 Plus Yoga Alliance Power Yoga Trainer, RYT-Yin 50 and Pilates Mat work Trainer with over 20 years experience as a Yoga practitioner. He has been teaching full time since 2015 in over a dozen of Brisbane’s best Yoga Studios and Fitness centres.

His favourite styles are Power Yoga, Gentle flow, Yin, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. Cam’s classes are dynamic, transformative, challenging, fun and enlightening with a focus on modern awareness to traditional asana and movement. He has come on board with Flex as studio manager and senior teacher in 2018.


Laxmi Kubitzky

Teacher Training Facilitator

Laxmi’s yoga journey started at the tender age of 20 when he decided to become a monk in the bhakti yoga tradition. Later, he founded one of Australia’s most successful regional yoga studios in Newcastle, and has helped pioneer and facilitate many teacher training programs, including here at Flex. He brings great integrity and depth, forged by more than 31 years of strict, yet joyful practice.

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Keenan Crisp

Teacher Training Facilitator

After serving for seven years within the Australian Defence Force, Keenan spent five consecutive years visiting over 40 countries, studying Yoga, Vedanta, Ayurveda, World Religion, Human Nature and Spirituality.

Since then, Keenan has worked to spread the teachings of yoga in a modern and accessible way, running world class yoga retreats, teacher trainings and yoga asana classes as well as countless workshops teaching philosophy, physiology and yoga psychology.

Bruna Carolino.jpg

Bruna Carolino

Yoga Instructor

After resisting the calm and presence of yoga in her teenage years in Brasil, Bruna fell in love with the practice here in Australia. Between challenging flows, layers of self-discovery, sweat and occasional tears, she found much more than an exercise regime: “Yoga is not just something I practice anymore. Yoga is how I live!“

Her teacher training here at Flex taught Bruna to stay present, leave her head and enter her body, to listen to the heart, surrender and trust. Her classes are strong but gentle - an energising flow that invites you to be more present, intuitive and creative.


Dave Coorey

Yoga Instructor

Dave first entered the yoga world after many years of bike riding & gym work, to bring flexibility to his body. The practice soon became a catalyst for deeper body and mind awareness, and with newfound stillness and clarity, Dave’s spirituality began to flow – out of thought, into a deeper connection with life.

As a graduate of Flex’s 2015 Yoga Teacher Training program, Dave enjoys guiding his students through a strong vinyasa flow sequence. His light hearted approach leaves students feeling supported and strengthened, and provides a good challenge for yogis of all levels.


Ella Shewring

Yoga Instructor

Ella has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed her teacher training in 2012. She has come to realise that for her, yoga is an antidote to life’s troubles, and a way to overcome the challenges of modern living!

Her teaching style is holistic, integrating knowledge of the mind from her psychology degree with her understanding of the body, gained through years of yoga practice and playing field hockey. Ella aims to inspire creative self-expression, building resonance with yoga practitioners to explore the myriad perspectives on yoga and life.


Jay Lambert

Yoga Instructor

Jay started his yoga journey after a 2013 sports injury. As he established a more and more regular practice, Jay realised that it had a profound effect on him not only physically and mentally, but in his relationships and overall perspective on life as well.

Jay has been teaching well-rounded, breath-centered classes since completing his 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Flex in 2017.


Krissi Elsley

Yoga Instructor

Krissi was introduced to yoga as a young girl, watching her mother do Uddiyana Bandha Kriya (Yoga detox exercise) each morning. She was fascinated by this practice! For 25 years, she has been an active participant of yoga on and off the mat, which naturally led to becoming a yoga teacher in 2012.

Krissi’s classes are well balanced to create challenge and relaxation, interweaved with traditional and modern philosophy. Flex is the first yoga studio that Krissi taught in and she continues to thrive in this space. A well loved yoga teacher who follows her Dharma to assist people in reconnecting to their inner peace.

Ruthie website.jpg

Ruthie McGrath

Yoga Instructor

In early 2012, as a busy fitness Instructor teaching a wide variety of fitness programmes and being GFM for a Platinum Fitness club, Ruthie desperately needed change in her life. Encouraged by a friend, she decided to sign up for a Yoga Teacher Training.

Ruthie loves the serenity and inner peace yoga creates, and life has guided her to share her practice with the Brisbane community at Flex. Join Ruthie for her weekly classes to experience some serious yoga bliss!


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