We offer daily morning, afternoon and evening yoga classes. Simply choose the class times that work best for you and your schedule. Ask about memberships and casual pass options.


Whether you are eight or eighty, you can benefit from a regular yoga practice. We offer 2 main styles of yoga – Power Vinyasa & Yin Yoga and each class is taught by our experienced, qualified teachers.


Take your yoga practice to the next level and become an accredited yoga instructor (RYT-200). We have trained many of the best yoga teachers in Brisbane and are excited to facilitate your growth!

Yoga Teacher Training 2020 - Join early and save!

Have you been practicing yoga for a few years and need a new challenge? Are you ready to accelerate your learning and commit to live yoga on a much deeper level? Looking to open the door for a more fulfilling career path and lifestyle?

After 200 hours, you will graduate with the ability to teach engaging Power Vinyasa classes anywhere in the world and most importantly, walk away with a deeper connection to your individual yoga practice.


Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Are you a certified RYT-200 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, and want to upgrade your qualification to RYT-500? Then join us for Flex’ Advanced Teacher Training and gain your RYT-500 certification right here in Brisbane.

The Flex’ Level 2 Yoga Instructor Course consists of a series of masterclass weekends and workshops with highly sought after senior instructors. It will allow you to accumulate the required hours for RYT-500 within 2.5 years while honing your skill set to become a true master of your craft.

Power Yoga Classes in Brisbane – Why Flex?

At Flex Hot Yoga you will experience more than a physical transformation – your entire being will be uplifted through a regular connection with yourself, your mat and our amazing, supportive yoga community.


Affordable Yoga Classes in Brisbane In a diverse city like Brisbane yoga should be available to everybody, so we offer a variety of class memberships and passes. While we don’t provide the cheapest yoga classes in Brisbane, we provide a great range of high quality classes at a very good price. Remember: Cheap isn’t always best, and if you are looking for cheap yoga in Brisbane it can mean you end up with inexperienced teachers that lack proper training and certification. So make sure to choose a high quality yoga studio, even if you are looking for budget yoga classes.

What to expect at our Brisbane yoga studio At Flex we have trained many of Brisbane’s favourite yoga teachers and most successful yoga studio owners. We continue to set the bar high for top quality yoga classes at our yoga studio in Norman Park and are known to be one of the best yoga studios in Brisbane.

Some of the highlights of your Flex experience:

  • Feel vibrantly alive after a strong Power Vinyasa sequence.
  • Deepen your practice with delicious Yin stretches.
  • Meet like-minded yogis at our Flex community. We welcome newcomers and experienced yogis likewise.
  • Challenge yourself! Our teachers offer beginner’s basics but always add advanced options to keep even the most experienced yogis on their toes. That's why many of Brisbane's yoga teachers and studio owners come to us for their personal practice.
  • Tap into your strength by surrounding yourself with supportive and uplifting people.
  • Join daily yoga classes with some of Brisbane’s best yoga teachers.

Benefits of a regular yoga practice If you prioritise yourself and commit to a regular yoga practice you will experience plenty of incredible benefits for mind, body and soul:

  • Expand your horizon: You will be surprised about the amount of amazing insights you gain when embarking on the path of yoga. You will experience a whole new way of being both through having a strong physical practice and through the philosophical depth of the timeless philosophy and lifestyle that is yoga.

  • Reduce stress: All of the classes and workshops we offer at Flex are designed to benefit your body, mind and soul. Beyond providing a great workout, our yoga sessions are a wonderful way of managing and reducing stress by engaging your mind in a healthy, uplifting way.

  • Relax and nourish your soul: There is nothing like a vigorous yoga practice to bring you back into the present moment and get you more grounded. Look forward to great health improvements, inspiring insights and new, meaningful connections with fellow yoga students.

  • Manage your weight: Daily yoga classes, a supportive community and a clean yoga lifestyle can be key ingredients on the pathway to holistic health and healing.

  • Improve your mental health: Our stressful daily schedules, lack of movement and hours spent in front of screens are making us sicker and sicker, both physically and mentally. A regular yoga practice can help improve your mental health, help let go of unhealthy thinking patterns, and support you in dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

Finding quality yoga classes in Brisbane Our beautiful yoga studio in Norman Park is a perfect space to reset, find balance and maintain a healthy work-life balance. All of our teachers hold professional Yoga Alliance accreditation and are trained to provide options for beginners as well as advanced yoga practitioners. Many of Brisbane’s yoga teachers treat themselves to classes at Flex when they want to enjoy a great class and deepend their practice without being in charge.

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Hire our studio

Are you planning a photo shoot, video production or event? Check out our studio - the Flex space is a versatile venue filled with light, calm and clean energy. It can be regulated from refreshing air conditioning to room temperature, or heated to 34 degrees. Hourly or half-daily rentals available.

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One week unlimited: 8 days consecutive pass,
i.e. Saturday to Saturday.


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