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Meditation, Japa & Kirtan - 3 full days with Michael 'Laxmi' Kubitzky

$699 regular rate, $665 Early Bird (book before 5 September 2021)

Laxmi's 3-day workshop on Meditation, Japa and Kirtan is part of a series of masterclasses and workshop weekends that will allow you to collect credits towards your RYT-500 accreditation with Yoga Alliance.

As a seasoned yoga teacher and former monk, Laxmi has had a strongly focused, consistent yogic and spiritual practice for over 30 years. Meditation - in particular the age old practices of Japa and Kirtan - has been the cornerstone of his practice, so he teaches from an immense level of depth and personal practice. Laxmi draws his legendary strength and calm and cool demeanour - be it as a teacher, a husband or a father - from the rock solid foundation of spiritual practice that’s been his companion for most of his life.

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  • Bodily Stillness Meditation

  • Inner Silence Meditation (practice to become the witness, shakshin)

  • Scientific benefits of Yoga Nidra (theory and practice)

  • Yogic Physiology: 3 nadis: Ida, pingala and shushumna. 5 material layers on the soul (panchamaya kosha). 7 primary chakras

  • Spiritual benefits of japa meditation, practice of chanting on beads

  • Spiritual benefits of kirtan meditation. Learn the meanings of and practice a series of powerful kirtan mantras

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Accreditation credits: 30hrs

Time: 7am - 6pm daily

Investment: $699 (5% off for early birds: book before 31 July)

>> This workshop is for accredited RYT-200 yoga teachers (trained by Flex or other studios) as well as intermediate and advanced yoga students <<

Make sure to book early to avoid disappointment! Workshops with sought after senior teachers like Laxmi often book out well in advance.

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Master Teacher Laxmivan Kubitzky: Laxmi’s yoga journey started at the tender age of 20 when he left his profession as a studio musician and decided to become a monk in the bhakti yoga tradition. For the next 10 years he travelled Australia, New Zealand and India as a celibate monk, daily studying the traditional yogic canons and engaging in strict daily yogic sadhana. 

After another 6 years as a traditional Vedic priest, he took an interest in the more physical aspects of yoga and completed a series of teacher trainings, including a 3 year diploma in the Satyananda tradition, a certification course with Baron Baptiste and several other certifications, like anti-gravity yoga level 2.

Later, he founded one of Australia’s most successful regional yoga studios in Newcastle, and has helped pioneer and facilitate many teacher training programs, including here at Flex. He brings great integrity and depth, forged by more than 30 years of strict, yet joyful practice. His teaching is full of compassion, humour and authenticity, with a deep respect for tradition, but without being over zealous.