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Spring Challenge: 40 Days to Personal Revolution

  • Flex Hot Yoga 174 Bennetts Road Norman Park, QLD, 4170 Australia (map)

$399 for non-members (includes 40 days unlimited pass), $199 for members

“A breakthrough program to radically change your body and awaken the Sacred within your soul!” (Baron Baptise) 

Based on Baron Baptiste’s best selling book '40 Days to Personal Revolution', this program invites us to transform more than body and mind. Together, we will discover the tools we need to set ourselves free so we can finally live the healthful life we have always imagined. The program is designed to catapult you to a whole new level of being.

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A commitment to yourself

You don’t need to go to Bali, the Himalayas or Thailand. Personal change is not a place, it’s a mindset, a state of being - you can do it right here at Flex! In joining the program, you commit to a minimum of 6 yoga practices a week, along with daily meditation and healthy diet considerations. 

The question is not “Will I survive my comfort zone?” but rather "Will my comfort zone survive?"

This is your opportunity to burst out of the square and free yourself from years and years of conditioning and limiting beliefs that keep you boxed in.

You don’t have to struggle on your own. Join a team of committed practitioners. Join a revolution! It takes 20 days to break an old habit and 20 days to forge a new one. Practice yoga once or twice a week to change your day, three or four times a week to change your body, or 5 – 6 times a week to change your life.


The program

Step out of your comfort zone and apply yourself to daily yoga practice. You will commit to

  • Daily Power Yoga practice - at least 6 times a week, with a minimum of 4 at the studio.

  • Daily meditation and dietary considerations.

  • Weekly, revolutionary meetings, after class on Sunday nights, 7 – 8pm. This is where we all come together in a supportive atmosphere to share our experiences. There, we discuss the theme for the week. Mantra will give you hot tips on the art of revolutionising your eating habits to nurture body, mind and spirit. We sit together for a fortifying and empowering meditation practice.

Week 1 (Presence) - In our first week the focus is on waking up and becoming fully present to your body, mind and life.

Week 2 (Vitality) - We do not have to get away or go someplace exotic in order to rejuvenate. Vitality is something that can be found right here, within each moment of our lives.

Week 3 (Equanimity) - This week we focus on remembering that although there are many things we cannot change, rather than fighting these things it is simpler to accept that we are not in control of them.

Week 4 (Restoration) - The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. As we transform, we begin to find that we are able to set more time aside for things that restore us. This week is treated as a restorative retreat.

Week 5 (Centering) - Learn to stay intuitively grounded. Relax and be present with everything in your life, both big and small.

Week 6 (Triumph) - Completion of the 40 days is not the end - it is only the beginning of a flexible life where you can find triumph in staying open to growth and transformation.


What you get

  • Access to the '40 days of transformation' community of like minded people

  • A copy of Baron Baptiste’s best selling book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution

  • Weekly Workshop

  • Healthy Dietary counseling and support

  • Personal journaling

  • Spiritual guidance and support


  • $199 for members

  • $399 for non-members (includes 40 days unlimited pass)

Terms and Conditions

• This program is a commitment. Once the 40-Day Revolution pass has been activated, refunds will not apply if you choose to pull out of the program.
• Please register all of your attendances at reception and on the “40 Days” board.


Total immersion is the key to transformation

Each course is run by Mantra, Cameron and the senior team - and they all offer you loads of support. Do at least one of these courses a year - it powerfully impacts many areas of your life. We provide the space and guidance, you bring your courage and commitment!