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James Schults

Creator of Flex Hot Yoga & Course Director

James began his yoga practice nearly 20 years ago on a journey through yoga temples, Indian ashrams and various parts of the globe to learn the art and science of yoga. He has been teaching Power Vinyasa for over ten years, and in 2011 he founded Flex Hot Yoga to change lives and create a central hub in Brisbane for a community of yoga teachers and students to grow together. As the Course Director, James oversees all elements of the training, and is present to guide each student on their journey. His style as a teacher is fun and knowledgable, with a large dose of strength and challenge as well!

Tracy Jemmot

Yoga Instructor & Teacher Training Facilitator

Tracy offers strong, dynamic power yoga and provides loads of space for self-reflection and contemplation. Her Yin classes allow deep access to body and mind interwoven with yogic philosophy and beautiful music. Ashtanga classes led by Tracy are traditional in structure with focus on alignment and breath regulation. All three styles provides perfect conditions for opening the body, clearing the mind and cultivating the spirit.

Bryce Tunny

Yoga Instructor

Basically, I am a Yogi. I practise yoga asana every day, and I try to practise yoga in my life. My passion and the focus of my teaching is Power Yoga, but I also practise and teach Yin Yoga, which I find to be an excellent balance to the dynamic Power style. The Power style I teach is Power Living Yoga, which is derived from a merging of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. Ashtanga, smooth flowing vinyasa practise with each new pose held for 5 breaths and Iyengar, precise biomechanical alignments of the body with long holds.

Krissi Elsley

Yoga Instructor

Krissi was introduced to yoga as a young girl watching her mother do Uddiyana Bundha Kriya (Yoga detox exercise) each morning and was fascinated by this practice. For 25 years, she has been an active participant of yoga on and off the matt, which naturally led to becoming a yoga teacher 5 years ago. Her classes are well balanced to create challenge and relaxation, weaving traditional and modern philosophy and following her Dharma to assist people in reconnecting to their inner peace. She continues to share her joy and love of yoga whilst offering an authentic heart centred practice.

Ruthie McGrath

Yoga Instructor

Early 2012 found me in a place where I desperately needed change in my life, but I didn’t realise it at the time. My bestie suggested I participate in Yoga Training. I obviously didn’t have enough going on in my life, teaching six various fitness programmes and being GFM for a Platinum Fitness club, so I was less than enthusiastic! I was attending the odd yoga practise. I wanted the serenity so evident in those around me, but it was such a struggle to be authentic and honest with the noise in my head, and the life I was leading. Deep down, I didn’t really believe myself to be worthy of peace. I felt I was a long way from being a yoga teacher, however I undertook Teacher Training, not necessarily to teach… but like many graduates before me, life has guided me to share my love of yoga to the Brisbane community. Join me on Sundays for some yoga bliss!

Anna-Carina Tetznar

Yoga Instructor

I was inspired to start yoga during my last year of uni, suffering from extreme back pain after long days of studying. However I soon discovered that yoga wasn’t just making me feel better physically, but that the practice was also starting to change my entire outlook on life. I started to live more mindfully, and I began treating my own body with more respect. In 2013, I completed my Yoga Teacher Training which was one of the best decisions of my life so far. My teaching style honours and supports each student’s individual journey, empowering you to practice with integrity and authenticity.

Wendy Schwarzenecker

Yoga Instructor

“Be yourself, only you know who this person is. Nurture yourself, without guilt or judgement. Yes, the physical practice is challenging, however with continuous practice true inner awareness will prevail.”

With a background in Intensive Care Nursing (DIP-HLTH-SC/BA of Nursing) I am passionate about physical anatomy, alignment, mental health and wellbeing. My intentions for every class are simple: I aim to bring some calm, peace and warmth into this ver busy world.

Nadia Vitella

Yoga Instructor

When I initially started yoga, I wanted a good stretch and something a little less taxing than the gym, I didn’t know much about it. I thought yoga was a form of exercise and in many ways it is, but what took me by surprise is how much the practice is constantly teaching me about myself. I began wanting to touch my toes and instead yoga has touched my heart and I’m very grateful for that. I practice traditional Ashtanga and for me this pathway of yoga helps to clear my mind, open my heart and balance my body on and off the mat.

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