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Sanskrit & Patanjali's Yoga Sutras - 3 full days with Mantra Schultz

$699 regular rate, $665 Early Bird (book before 10 July 2021)

This 3-day workshop on Sanskrit & Patanjali's Yoga Sutras is part of a series of masterclasses and workshop weekends that will allow you to collect credits towards your RYT-500 accreditation with Yoga Alliance.

Having grown up immersed in yogic philosophy and studied with scholars in India for years, Mantra Schultz has absorbed Sanskrit texts in a level of depth that is rarely found in yoga teachers outside of India. During this fascinating weekend, he will take you on a journey of discovery into the heart of the Sacred language of Sanskrit, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the foremost yogic scriptures.

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  • Sanskrit Syllables and Pronunciation (12 vowels and 35 consonants that make up the Sanskrit alphabet)

  • Principles of sandhi and grammar

  • Pronunciation of yoga asanas and their meaning

  • Meaning of sastra, sutra and sloka

  • In-depth study of the chapters of the Yoga Sutras, e.g. deepening your understanding of Kriya Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga (yamas and niyamas, progression through asana, pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi, different types of avidya, sevenfold pranta bhumih prajna, 8 mystic powers (siddhi or vibhuti) and more …

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Accreditation / CEP credits: 30hrs

Time: 6am - 4pm daily

Investment: $699 ($665 early bird rate: book before 10 July 2021)

To receive a 20% discount, contact us to register for the complete RYT-500 pathway

This workshop is for accredited RYT-200 yoga teachers (trained by Flex or other studios) as well as intermediate and advanced yoga students. However, only RYT-200 certified yoga teachers can gain the certification to teach.

Make sure to book early to avoid disappointment! Workshops with sought after senior teachers like Mantra can book out well in advance.

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Mantra Schultz - Creator of Flex Hot Yoga & Course Director

Mantra began his yoga practice over 20 years ago on a journey through yoga temples, Indian ashrams and various parts of the globe to learn the art and science of yoga.

In 2011, he founded Flex Hot Yoga to change lives and create a central hub in Brisbane for a community of yoga teachers and students to grow together. His style as a teacher is fun and knowledgable, with a large dose of strength and challenge! Mantra created Flex’ annual yoga teacher training program starting in 2013 and has since taught a broad number of yoga teachers, both in terms of physical skill and in terms of deeply inspiring content that will nourish their students well beyond the physical level.

Living yogic philosophy on a daily basis and integrating these ancient practices into his modern lifestyle is one of Mantra’s passions. Students at Flex often comment on the incredible level of spiritual depth they encounter during their classes, and the elegance with which yoga philosophy is weaved into even the most physical asana class. This is the spirit Mantra lives and teaches, and the gift he wants to pass on to you, so you can carry it forward wherever you go …