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Advanced Asana: Peak Postures - 3 full days with Cameron Brown

$699 regular rate, $665 Early Bird (book before 6 September 2020)

Join Cameron for this Advanced Asana weekend and learn to safely practice and teach peak postures! Having been a yogi for well over 20 years and worked full time in the yoga industry since 2015 as a teacher and studio manager, Cam has a wealth of experience to share. One of his biggest passions is advanced asana practice and the according anatomy, so sharing this immersion weekend is something he has been looking forward to for quite some time!

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Why is advanced asana so important? Being able to help your students learn, grow and see themselves progress is one of the keys to being a great yoga teacher. You will rarely retain students long term if they don’t feel like their practice is steadily evolving and deepening. Like everywhere in life, we will stay with a teacher as long as we learn something of value, and move on when we have outgrown them. So keeping your momentum, staying on top of your game and your students’ abilities is an important consideration.


  • Anatomical sequencing: Learn how to write yoga sequences that focus on specific muscle groups and movements, allow them to activate and lengthen correctly for optimum health benefits. Create sequences with anatomical purpose and direction rather than just choreographic arrangement.

  • Peak posture sequencing: Learn how to gracefully and sequentially guide students into more advanced peak postures so they will be the most ready to try those postures with full strength and physical openness. With this approach, you will give students the opportunity to "arrive" in the posture rather than just "try" it.

  • Power yoga sequences (Theory and practice): Break down challenging sequences and write your own. 

  • Asana lab: De-code challenging sequences, gain an in-depth understanding of specific postures: why we use them, how we cue them, what is going on anatomically etc.

  • Advanced theming: Delve deeply into master tools, resources and practice on theming a yoga class. We will discuss how to build unique content and deliver it in a poetic way that’s authentic to you.

  • The Theming Matrix - an advanced blueprint to writing amazing content that fully resonates with you as a teacher and person.


  • During the weekend and as homework, all participants will write a series of anatomical and peak posture sequences, and themed classes. All these will be uploaded in a shared folder for ALL participants to use. So in joining this weekend, you will gain access to a wealth of amazing classes and sequences, all ready to use with your own students.

Accreditation / CEP credits: 30hrs

Time: 7am - 6pm daily

Investment: $699 (5% off for early birds)

Please note: This workshop is for accredited RYT-200 yoga teachers (trained by Flex or other studios) as well as intermediate and advanced yoga students who wish to deepen their skill set. However, only RYT-200 certified yoga teachers can gain credits towards their RYT-500 certification.

Make sure to book early to avoid disappointment! Workshops with sought after senior teachers like Cameron often book out well in advance.

Cameron Brown - Senior Yoga Instructor & Flex Studio Manager

Cam is an ERYT-500 Plus Yoga Alliance Power Yoga Trainer, RYT-Yin 50 and Pilates Mat work Trainer with over 20 years experience as a Yoga practitioner. He has been teaching full time since 2015 in over a dozen of Brisbane’s best Yoga Studios and Fitness centres.

His favourite styles are Power Yoga, Gentle flow, Yin, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga. Cam’s classes are dynamic, transformative, challenging, fun and enlightening with a focus on modern awareness to traditional asana and movement. He has come on board with Flex as studio manager and senior teacher in 2018.