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Advanced Assisting - 3 full days with Mantra Schultz

$699 regular rate, $665 Early Bird (book before 11 July 2020)

Join Mantra for this RYT-300 advanced immersion weekend and become a truly masterful yoga teacher! Having practiced yoga for well over 20 years and having founded Flex in 2011, Mantra has an incredible wealth of experience both as a master teacher and as a mentor.

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Giving assists in a yoga class is a much underestimated skill set that can easily be taken for granted, since every yoga teacher has learnt the basics in their training. And yet, every once in a while you come across a teacher who well and truly manages to WOW you and with a few masterful touches and tweaks propels you to a whole new level of depth in your asana practice. So spending a long weekend with a master of his craft to learn about advanced assisting will allow you to take your own skill set to the next level and support your students in a whole new way …


  • Three purposes of assisting: Connection, alignment and deepening

  • Principles of assisting - a hands-on conversation

  • Assisting postures of all categories, from sun salutations to back bends, from floor postures to inversions - theory and practice

  • Techniques of advanced assisting

  • Asana practice sessions with anatomical alignment and focus on safe assists

Accreditation / CEP credits: 30hrs

Time: 7am - 6pm daily

Investment: $699 (5% off for early birds)

Please note: This workshop is for accredited RYT-200 yoga teachers (trained by Flex or other studios) as well as intermediate and advanced yoga students who wish to deepen their skill set. However, only RYT-200 certified yoga teachers can gain the certification to teach.

Make sure to book early to avoid disappointment! Workshops with sought after senior teachers like Mantra often book out well in advance.

Creator of Flex Hot Yoga & Course Director

Mantra began his yoga practice over 20 years ago on a journey through yoga temples, Indian ashrams and various parts of the globe to learn the art and science of yoga.

In 2011, he founded Flex Hot Yoga to change lives and create a central hub in Brisbane for a community of yoga teachers and students to grow together. His style as a teacher is fun and knowledgable, with a large dose of strength and challenge! Mantra created Flex’ annual yoga teacher training program starting in 2013 and has since taught a broad number of yoga teachers, both in terms of physical skill and in terms of deeply inspiring content that will nourish their students well beyond the physical level.