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Get your RYT-500 Accreditation in Brisbane - Modular and Flexible

After training RYT-200 yoga teachers for years, we have decided to finally offer an RYT-300 certification as a pathway to give you the opportunity to complete your RYT-500 qualification in Brisbane.

Flex’ Level 2 Yoga Instructor Course consists of a series of masterclass weekends and workshops with highly sought after senior instructors. It will allow you to accumulate the required hours for RYT-500 within 2.5 years while honing your skill set to become a true master of your craft.

Internationally Accredited Certification with Yoga Alliance

If you are a certified RYT-200 yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, this is your opportunity to collect the additional 300 contact hours to upgrade your qualification to RYT-500. Rather than expecting you to step away from your workplace, studio and family for an extended immersion, you can join us for a series of qualifying weekend workshops (Friday morning until Sunday evening). The upgraded qualification and depth of training you will receive will set you apart significantly in the yoga teacher marketplace and give you an edge within our increasingly competitive industry.

Add a Yin Yoga certificate to your CV, learn about advanced sequencing, improve your ability to weave philosophy into your classes, safely teach peak postures even to experienced yogis and build the confidence to run your own retreats or start your own business.

Spaces are - as always - limited, so reserve yours today.






Learn from the best

- Learn from some of the most advanced teacher trainers Australia has to offer, including Flex founder Mantra Schultz, Keenan Crisp, Michael Kubitzky, Suzie Kellett and Cameron Brown.

- Build on the solid foundations you have gained in your 200hr YTT and grow into the senior teacher and facilitator your are meant to be.

- Study part-time in Brisbane. The masterclasses / workshops will always run on long weekends (Friday mornings to Sunday evenings), every three months.

- Step into the next level of confidence and competence by receiving invaluable feedback from the masters of your craft.

- Challenge yourself: To be a truly masterful teacher, you have to be willing to become a student again.


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Weekends with senior facilitators

- Deepen your personal meditation practice & facilitate profound meditation experiences for your students

- Receive a specialised Yin Yoga certification

- Delve into advanced asana and anatomy

- Specialty Yoga (mental health, peak performance etc.)

- Study advanced Yoga Philosophy and learn how to inspire your students by weaving yogic wisdom into your classes

- Advanced Pranayama and rarely taught Kriyas

- Teacher or facilitator? Provide transformational experiences and support lasting change

- Business of Yoga: How to market yourself, run successful retreats or take steps towards owning your own studio


Stand on the shoulders of giants: Share the challenges and road blocks you have hit in your growth as a teacher and we will provide guidance based on decades of experience in teaching classes, facilitating workshops and retreats, and running yoga studios all over Australia and internationally.



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Commit and save

We offer only 20 spots, at any point in time. Apply now, before all spots are taken. Subsequent enrolments will only be possible upon graduation of an existing advanced trainee.

We will provide 4 stand alone workshops (each 30hrs of accreditation credits) per year. With a total of 300 contact hours, you can upgrade to RYT-500 accreditation within 2.5 years.


Upfront Payment: $5,592

(20% savings against booking the workshops separately)

One-off upfront payment of $5,592

Easy Payment Plan: $5,733

(18% savings against booking the workshops separately)

Payment plan is $819 x 7. You pay 1 deposit, then the remaining 6 payments on the first of each month

Affordable Payment Plan: $5,950

(15% savings against booking the workshops separately)

Time frame and amounts can be tailored to suit your budget. As low as $100 per week

Upfront Flexible 10 Modules: $5,950

(15% savings against booking the workshops separately)

One-off upfront payment of $5,950

You get to pick and choose your 10 preferred modules within a 4 year timeframe


Terms & Conditions

Your booking is for 10 consecutive modules (except Upfront Flexible option).

Deferring a module incurs a surcharge of $200 (except for Upfront Flexible 10 Modules).


Join us for an unforgettable journey of growth and discovery and we promise we will take you to the next level!


Ready to reach for the next level?
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Spaces are limited so please book
early to avoid disappointment.

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