Meet our Yoga Instructors

James Mantra Schultz
Creator of Flex Hot Yoga & Course Director
James began his yoga practice nearly 20 years ago on a journey through yoga temples, Indian ashrams and various parts of the globe to learn the art and science of yoga. He has been teaching Power Vinyasa for over ten years, and in 2011 he founded Flex Hot Yoga to change lives and create a central hub in Brisbane for a community of yoga teachers and students to grow together. As the Course Director, James oversees all elements of the training, and is present to guide each student on their journey. His style as a teacher is fun and knowledgeable, with a large dose of strength and challenge as well!
Tracy Jemmott
Yoga Instructor + Teacher Training Facilitator
I love sharing my enthusiasm for yoga. I have a balanced yoga practice enjoying power, ashtanga and yin yoga. I believe every student has the potential for great strength and I take time to facilitate the best alignment possible and offer caring guidance during my classes. For me, yoga practice is a time to just "be". I have found that, Whatever the question - Yoga is the answer!
Bryce Tunny
Yoga Instructor
Basically, I am a Yogi. I practise yoga asana every day, and I try to practise yoga in my life. My passion and the focus of my teaching is Power Yoga, but I also practise and teach Yin Yoga, which I find to be an excellent balance to the dynamic Power style. The Power style I teach is Power Living Yoga, which is derived from a merging of Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga. Ashtanga, smooth flowing vinyasa practise with each new pose held for 5 breaths and Iyengar, precise biomechanical alignments of the body with long holds.
Merridy Woodroffe
Yoga Instructor
I came to yoga for the physical benefits and stayed for the bliss. My practice is traditional ashtanga in the lineage of Sri K Pattabhi Jois through my guru Mark Robberds – devotion and detachment over a long time. From the outside the name of the postures and the sequence may seem routine; however every single practice is different emotionally, mentally and physically and I find that endlessly fascinating.
Krissi Elsley
Yoga Instructor
My introduction to yoga started as a little girl, watching my mother do her yogic breathing each morning. Ballet and gymnastics played a big part in my childhood, but it wasn't until age 18 that I actually attended my first full yoga class. Since then, I have had a love affair with this beautiful holistic practice and have been an active participant on and off the mat for more than 22 years. Becoming a yoga teacher was a natural next step when the opportunity arrived to study in February 2012. I’ve been a full time instructor ever since sharing my joy and love of yoga. Having 15 years experience in my career as a remedial massage practitioner and involved in many aspects of natural health, my classes are well balanced to create challenge, fun, and to fully relax, leaving you feeling nurtured with an inner smile… maybe an outward smile too.
Ruthie Mc Grath
Yoga Instructor
Early 2012 found me in a place where I desperately needed change in my life, but I didn’t realise it at the time. My bestie suggested I participate in Yoga Training. I obviously didn’t have enough going on in my life, teaching six various fitness programmes and being GFM for a Platinum Fitness club, so I was less than enthusiastic! I was attending the odd yoga practise. I wanted the serenity so evident in those around me, but it was such a struggle to be authentic and honest with the noise in my head, and the life I was leading. Deep down, I didn’t really believe myself to be worthy of peace. I felt I was a long way from being a yoga teacher, however I undertook Teacher Training, not necessarily to teach... but like many graduates before me, life has guided me to share my love of yoga to the Brisbane community. Join me on Sundays for some yoga bliss!
Anna-Carina Tetzner
Yoga Instructor
I first came across yoga during my last year of university, looking to relieve stress and ease back pains after a long day of studying. However I soon discovered that yoga wasn’t just making me feel better physically, but that the practice was also starting to change my entire outlook on life. I started to live more mindfully, treating my own body with more respect, and I experienced a big shift in what I perceived as important in my life. In 2013, I completed the 200 Hour Teaching Training at Flex Hot Yoga, which was one of the best decisions of my life. I love teaching in a way that honours and supports each student’s individual journey, empowering students to practice with integrity and authenticity.
Katie Havelberg
Yoga Instructor
I started yoga because I like to be active and I had always felt a certain pull towards this ancient practice. It quickly became the best way for me to ‘get out’ of my own head. Yoga has taught me that the impossible can become possible, with perseverance. I have a daily practice incorporating a balance of different styles of yoga – Power, Ashtanga and Yin. I became a yoga teacher because I felt like I was being greedy keeping yoga all to myself! Now I have the opportunity to share all of its benefits with anyone who will listen. As a Medical Scientist (in my real life) I bring a focus on functional yoga - anatomy, alignment and building long term joint health & stability – to both my teaching and my practice.
Wendy Schwarzenecker
Yoga Instructor
Modern society, as I know it, is focus driven, goal achieving and sometimes very stressful. As a busy working mother with teenage children I was looking for sanctuary. At 43 years old I discovered my first yoga class. The simple thought of time for oneself, without guilt or judgment was well received. The physical practice of yoga was challenging, however with familiarity, continuous practice and self-reflection, true inner awareness began to prevail. As a proud graduate of the 2015 Flex Hot Yoga Teacher Trainee group my intentions are simple: I aim to bring some calm, peace and warmth into this very busy world.
Nadia Vitetta
Yoga Instructor
My first yoga experience was a 6am Ashtanga class. Everyone began chanting and om’ing and I remember thinking to myself “what have I gotten myself into”. To say I was confused throughout the practice is an understatement…they don’t even speak English! But as I looked around (a steady drishti wasn’t yet my strength) I couldn’t help but notice everyone had this “thing”, a glow in their whole bodies and way of being… I now think of it as the “yoga glow” and I’m so thankful I stumbled across this little gem that is yoga. It truly has changed my life from the inside out and continues to open my mind and body beyond conscious understanding with every practice I do.
Mimi Nguyen
Yoga Instructor
After years of working in the corporate world and the daily pressures and stresses of my job, I found yoga and was a devotee from day one. I started off practising Satyananda yoga, then progressed to Bikram yoga (I held a daily practise for over 4 years), before exploring Vinyasa, Power, Yin, Iyengar and Ashtanga. Every studio and teacher I've connected with had a profound impact on my life and personal practice - which led to my first teacher training. My knowledge and passion for education, learning and growth has taken me on a continuous journey and I've completed various teacher trainings since with local and international yoga teachers. I teach a dynamic, fun class during my yang style but can adapt to a deeply nourishing more yin style as easily.
Pascale Sader
Yoga Instructor
I love yoga. I was first introduced to yoga over a decade ago, but only started to delve into the practice in 2011 when I discovered power yoga. Regular practice allowed me to build strength, flexibility and resilience to balance out the stressors of corporate life. Inspired by dedicated practitioners, I completed my first teacher training in Power Yoga and second in Purna Yoga. My journey soon lead to the discovery of Anusara Yoga and Yin Yoga. Both styles of yoga allowed me to deepen my practice by listening to the body and cultivating inner awareness. My dynamic classes draw from many different yoga styles and place an emphasis on alignment and flow. My yin classes are more nourishing as they allow time for deep introspection and healing.
Kerri McCubbin
Yoga Instructor
My passion for yoga was ignited after her first Ashtanga class in 2010, soon after I completed my teacher training and I now enjoy being an accomplished yoga teacher and Ashtanga yoga instructor. In 2014 I spent seven months in India learning from the true teachers of Ashtanga. My philosophy is alignment. When I started Yoga, I was interested in the physical practice, but over time I realised that Yoga is not just about the postures. It’s about the philosophy and following your breath. Pranayama and meditation have become reinforced into my daily practice, making my teaching personal, unique, light and spiritual.
Rachel Vujcich
Yoga Instructor
I first discovered power yoga in 2005. I had dabbled with yoga before but, power yoga was like nothing else I've tried before. I'm in it for the flow. The dynamic and flowing style of power vinyasa yoga challenges me to move past physical and emotional hang-ups, to feel free and truly ALIVE. My practice has given me respect for my body and my potential. And helped me overcome crippling self-doubt - to connect with something greater than myself. My overarching intention as a teacher is to facilitate that kind of experience; through breath, attention, challenge and a lot of Love. It is an honour and a delight to do so and I look forward to every chance I get to connect with others through yoga. See you on the mat!
Nicole Jackson
Yoga Instructor
My classes are characterised by music, energy and movement, and the practice is energising and uplifting. I love teaching power flow. These classes can be whatever you want and need each time you practice: cleansing, strengthening, balancing, quietening, empowering. My yin classes are all about finding space for softness and deep opening. I’m an Environmental Engineer, and for me yoga is about finding space and quietening my mind chatter. Yoga gives me balance and connection: the incredible benefits of a combined discipline of asana, meditation and pranayama just make sense for me. It keeps me strong and fit, but also allows me to find balance and recovery, and deep inner nourishment.
Michelle Freeman
Yoga Instructor
Michelle Freeman has been practicing yoga and meditation of various styles for over fifteen years. She offers classes that embody the mind body connection through breath, concentration and awareness. Her current practice and teaching is based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Method, having completed her teacher training with Authorized Senior teachers, Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, she has also studied with several Authorized Ashtanga teachers throughout the world, as well as teachers specializing in everything from Yoga Therapeutics, Power Vinyasa, Bikram and Yin. She specializes in finding a way to bring yoga to everyone no matter what shape the body and spirit are in.
Jacki Wilson
Yoga Instructor
I started practicing yoga at 41, but wished I started at 21. Although very active and sporty throughout my life, I really did not know anything about yoga until it was suggested that I try it to “stop the mind chatter”. The thing is when you practice yoga and the mind drifts, chances are you’ll fall over, I don’t like to fall over so I worked out yoga might just actually make me change my habits. I was fortunate to find a studio and teachers that taught the yoga that I enjoyed and needed – Power Yoga. Seven years later, I now teach yoga but still draw on the inspiration from my former and current teachers. I remember the feeling of release, gratitude and unexpected emotion that my teachers helped me release during their classes by encouraging and speaking to me through the teachings of yoga.