Brisbane Power Vinyasa Yoga Classes

About Flex Hot Yoga

If you’re looking for the best Brisbane Power Vinyasa Yoga classes, we have what you’re looking for! Flex Hot Yoga is a modern studio offering an authentic yoga practice in the heart of Brisbane’s inner suburbs. The perfect blend of traditional yoga with contemporary sports science. While our yoga is disciplined and challenging, you will feel that we keep it light hearted and fun!

A community you can grow with

Our Brisbane Power Vinyasa Yoga community has been built on an ethos free from competitive gym culture and egoistic goals, fostering a safe environment that’s refreshingly nurturing and relaxing.

Discover your full potentials

We specialise in three styles of yoga:

These three approaches perfectly compliment each other to give you a brilliantly well-rounded yoga experience – a powerful, yet fluid body, an open heart and a peaceful mind.

Come in and see why we have become Brisbane’s fastest growing yoga community. At only $25 for your first week of unlimited classes*, what are you waiting for? Click here…

*New students and Brisbane residents only
Brisbane Power Yoga classes