Yin Yoga Brisbane

Stretch, unwind and calm your mind

Yin Yoga is a deeply releasing, restorative and meditative practice. Relaxing gravity poses, mostly on the floor, are held to deeply release connective tissues and relieve tension around the joints. Yin is an absolute necessity for athletes who want to regain lost range of motion or to remain supple and free from injuries, aches and pain. They are also the absolute perfect compliment to balance out the stronger Ashtanga and Power Yoga styles – the Yin and the Yang, the moon and sun, the hard and the soft, the cherries and the cream! Yin Yoga is also very beginner friendly. The studio is kept at a comfortable, cool temperature throughout the class (air-conditioned).

You’ll love our Yin Yoga!

•    Releasing and Restorative
•    Relaxing and Calming
•    Beginner friendly
•    Long Deep Stretch – very effective in relieving tension around joints for greater range of motion
•    Absolute necessity for athletes or competitive sports people
•    Reduces or eliminates the chances of soft tissue injuries, pain and time out from doing what you love
•    Perfect compliment to balance out dynamic Power Yoga or Ashtanga yoga styles

At Flex Hot Yoga we have 29 different classes available per week and are continually adding exciting new events to our studio such as master classes, so there’s sure to be something to fit your mood or your body’s needs.

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