Hot Power Vinyasa Yoga Brisbane

Strengthen, tone, energise + have fun!

Power Yoga, sometimes also known as Power Vinyasa, is a dynamic, athletic practice of movement to breath that builds upper body and core strength. The room is mildly heated to 32°C to improve joint mobility and encourage detoxification, leaving you feeling energised, yet relaxed.

These classes follow a basic structure and energetic flow, yet each class is a little different, offering variety to keep your practice interesting and fun. Our instructors offer variations and modifications throughout the class to accommodate all levels. In this way the Power Vinyasa classes remain very beginner friendly, but still offer the fun of challenge to more experienced yogis.

Why you’ll love our Hot Power Vinyasa:

•    Dynamic, athletic practice of movement to breath
•    Builds upper body and core strength
•    Challenging, all levels practice
•    Heated to 32°C – Improves joint mobility and detoxification
•    Variety within structure to keep your practice interesting and fun
•    Beginner friendly – Variations and modifications offered

At Flex Hot Yoga we have 29 different classes available per week and are continually adding exciting new events to our studio such as master classes, so there’s sure to be something to fit your mood or your body’s needs.

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