Ashtanga Yoga Brisbane

Get strong, balanced and flexy!

At Flex Hot Yoga, we offer Ashtanga Yoga Brisbane students the specific and very ancient style of yoga which is recognised as one of the “Mothers” of Power Yoga. Our Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series classes are taught in the tradition of Sri K Pattabhi Jois. Students practice a led, set sequence of yoga asanas (postures) using synchronous movement and breath, building upper body and core strength. Repetition is the mother of mastery. This, and the sense of consistency, help to pave the way to a soothed nervous system and a calm mind. These classes follow a set routine and structure that’s quickly learned and beginner friendly. This doesn’t mean that the practice get any less challenging, as you progress through your practice you simply go deeper and deeper into the Ashtanga method.

Why you’ll love our Ashtanga Yoga classes:

•    Dynamic, athletic practice of movement to breath
•    Builds upper body and core strength
•    “Repetition is the Mother of Mastery” – Set routine and structure
•    Consistency soothes the nervous system, calming your mind
•    Beginner series. Beginner friendly
•    Still plenty of challenges for experienced yogis, with Saturday morning Mysore Practice
•    Heated room (29°C) makes this series even better!

Variety equals fun, enthusiasm and advancement

You can take on Ashtanga Yoga as your only practice or use it a means to deepen a more varied practice by participating in the range of yoga styles which we offer. You can build strength, balance and flexibility in our Power Vinyasa and classical Ashtanga Yoga classes or work into the deeply relaxing Yin Yoga classes, which will take you just as deeply into flexibility on whole new levels.

At Flex Hot Yoga we have 29 different classes available per week and are continually adding exciting new events to our studio such as master classes, so there’s sure to be something to fit your mood or your body’s needs.

Ashtanga Yoga Brisbane